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elcome to the Mississippi Visual Arts Directory! This site provides a resource on the visual arts across Mississippi. Included is information on Mississippi-based visual artists (such as painters, sculptors, and photographers) and craftspeople as well as descriptions of Mississippi galleries, museums, and cultural centers. The site is maintained by the Mississippi Arts Commission.

The Commission provides listings on this site as a courtesy to Mississippi-based artists and arts organizations. However, their inclusion does not represent an endorsement or funding by the agency. The Commission reserves the right to edit or reject any submission and is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the artists or organizations.

Featured Artist or Gallery

Dyann Gunter

Drawing at age 4 is still a vivid memory in my mind. Drawing always brought me joy. I was obsessed with drawing people most of my life. I went to college, just for art. For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to create, draw, paint. Now, I am throwing myself in painting. Intuitive painting…

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MAC Featured Fellowship Recipient

Bessie’s Pine Needle Designs

The Mississippi Arts Commission is proud to support the efforts of artists across the state through our Artist Fellowship Grant. These highly competitive grants are open to artists of many different artistic disciplines to support professional development or the creation of new work.

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