Artists and Galleries

  • Ken Murphy Photographer Bay St. Louis

    Ken Murphy has published four award winning photographic coffee table books featuring the beauty and diversity of his home state of Mississippi. They are: c2001 “My South Coast Home, Photographs of the Mississippi Gulf Coast”,… Read more.

  • echomech Creative

    echomech Creative Jackson

    Clay Hardwick is a young Jackson-based artist, working primarily as an abstract painter. Hardwick’s process is immediate and expressive, exploring not only physical properties of paint, form, color, and movement, but also… Read more.

  • Linda Walden

    Linda Walden Bay St Louis

    I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised nearby in the town of Violet, Louisiana. My interest in art began in 1995 in Memphis, Tennessee. Currently I reside in Bay St. Louis, MS. Painting was something I always wanted to… Read more.

  • Michael Richardson

    Michael Richardson Gulfport

    I am a printmaker who long ago fell in love with the particular creative possibilities of working with copper plates to create imagery. Using the traditional methods of etching, engraving, and sometimes mezzotint, I enjoy coaxing… Read more.

  • Tony Davenport

    Tony Davenport Jackson

    Tony Davenport is a native of Vicksburg, Mississippi. The 2002 graduate of Jackson State University is a visual artist who creates images that transcend time and place without boundaries. As a full time artist, Davenport has taught… Read more.

  • Mary Margaret Pierce - MMArtWindows

    Mary Margaret Pierce - MMArtWindows Columbia

    Mary Margaret Pierce is a mosaic and stained glass artist from Columbia, MS. Using mosaic techniques and traditional stained glass practices, Mary Margaret’s designs incorporate these two mediums with new and recycled materials.… Read more.

  • Sadako Lewis

    Sadako Lewis Long Beach

    Standing in front of a blank canvas--a moment of beginning—I have a feeling of excitement within. I am to discover the infinite possibilities. My painting continues to evolve during the process of making. The qualities of evolving… Read more.

  • Andrea Kostyal

    Andrea Kostyal HATTIESBURG

    Andrea Kostyal, a native of Hungary, has been creating art since early childhood. After moving to USA in 2001, she has specialized in abstract collage paintings. Andrea has extensive experience exhibiting at a variety of venues:… Read more.

  • Elke Briuer Vicksburg

    I primarily use water media (watercolor and acrylic) to paint, and I love to experiment with a variety of “things to paint on.” I have works on paper, wood, and roofing felt. My life as a US Naturalized Citizen from Germany… Read more.

  • Sylvain Chamberlain

    Sylvain Chamberlain Shannon

    A series of 21 large scale portraits created for exhibition in “OBSERVATIONS” at the Gumtree Museum of Art in Tupelo MS in November 2014. catalogs of the show are available at Read more.