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  • Ruth Miller Picayune

    I am a visual artist who creates "paintings" and "drawings" using hand-stitched wool and/or sewing machine thread. My work comments on relationships (often those that need to be rethought), be they relationships… Read more.

  • Jamie Burwell Mixon

    Jamie Burwell Mixon Starkville

    Jamie Burwell Mixon grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and is an illustrator, designer and a Professor of Graphic Design in the College of Architecture, Art + Design at Mississippi State University. She worked as a designer, illustrator… Read more.

  • Bozarts Gallery

    Bozarts Gallery Water Valley

    Welcome to Bozarts Gallery! Our art gallery is located on Water Valley’s historic Main Street in the center of Mississippi’s Hill Country and just a few minutes South of Oxford. The name “Bozarts” is a… Read more.

  • Jerrod Partridge

    Jerrod Partridge Jackson

    Jerrod is a full time artist and drawing instructor living and working in the Fondren neighborhood of Jackson, Mississippi. He and his wife have three young children who often provide inspiration for paintings. Jerrod grew up… Read more.

  • 4EvaDesigns

    4EvaDesigns Starkville

    I am currently a 21 year old artist, attending a community college in Mississippi. Art is a passion of mine and I am constantly working to fight the struggle of not being noticed as the artist I believe I should be recognized as. But with life and art, it goes on. So shall my determination to be recognized.Art is diverse, and my perspective on art varies from other artist. My art work does not pertain to one specific genre or subject, but consists of what I believe to be a challenging piece of art and help me develop as an artist. I believe that not sticking to one subject matter shows my diversity as an artist, showing the audience the wide amount of art work I am capable of. My art style is realistic, I try to capture the same amount of detail that is produced within a photograph. Art is created by the hands, my tools consist of charcoal pencils, a kneaded eraser, and inspiration. The tools do not create great art, but an inspired and dedicated artist creates great works of art. With each new drawing, my skills increase further. I learn from my mistakes, and make sure not to repeat the same error as before. Art creates emotion, demonstrates skill and passion. Furthermore, art expresses who I am, and soothes my mind, allowing me to escape into my own zone.  Read more.

  • Molly Ann Johnson

    Molly Ann Johnson Tupelo

    Read more.

  • Patricia Ann Odom

    Patricia Ann Odom Ocean Springs

    I am a retired Art Instructor and Gallery Director of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. I taught in the public school for 32 years but, now give workshops across the country. My work is a search for the spirit and… Read more.

  • Sally Werner Edwards

    Sally Werner Edwards Carriere

    Sally is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree with honors from Louisiana State University, where she majored in Painting, Ceramics, Drawing and Printmaking. She has also studied at Tulane… Read more.

  • The Kibnit Creative

    The Kibnit Creative Germantown

    I am a 2006 graduate of the College of Architecture, Art, and Design at Mississippi State University, where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Painting and Drawing. After graduation, I taught in various after… Read more.

  • Union

    I specialize in the creation of landscapes that focus on moments of transition, moments that are often quiet and convey visceral emotions. My objective is to create imagery of a cinematic nature because I draw my inspiration heavily… Read more.