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  • Sabrina R. Campbell

    Sabrina R. Campbell Starkville

    I am an Art Educator at West Point High School in West Point, MS.(Graduate of Mississippi State University with a BFA, and MAT-S) I also freelance in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. I create a variety of artwork with a variety of… Read more.

  • Museum of the Mississippi Delta

    Museum of the Mississippi Delta Greenwood

    The Museum of the Mississippi Delta was founded as Cottonlandia Museum in 1969 as an institution dedicated to preserving the history of the cotton business and Greenwood. Over the past four decades, the mission has expanded to… Read more.

  • Jason Falconer

    Jason Falconer Hernando

    I moved to Memphis, TN in 1996 to attend Memphis College of Art, where I received my Bachelor of Fine Art degree in 2001. I have subsequently integrated my art in and around my career as a successful Graphic Designer, Art Director… Read more.

  • Donna Lynn Riviere Graves

    Donna Lynn Riviere Graves Waveland

    I am inspired by life’s experiences, my own as well as the ones that effect my circle of family and friends. I have more than one medium and do not employ one more than another. As a photographer I strive to capture the… Read more.

  • Mary Hardy

    Mary Hardy Ocean Springs

    My work consists of an inventory of images that I constantly recycle. It has been noted that, “the recurrence or repetition of certain images suggests a healing practice, a mantra; incantatory and magical, a way of inciting… Read more.

  • University of Mississippi Museum

    University of Mississippi Museum Oxford

    The University of Mississippi Museum and Historic Houses complex serves as a cultural center for the university community and beyond. Among its holdings are Southern folk art, Greek and Roman antiquities, 19th century scientific… Read more.

  • Anne E. O’Hara

    Anne E. O’Hara Jackson

    These works are the latest pieces in an ongoing series that I call “Hidden Treasures”. They are obviously nature based, but are not straightforward renditions of flowers, leaves, trees etc. They contain ambiguities manifest… Read more.

  • Lauren Rogers Museum of Art

    Lauren Rogers Museum of Art Laurel

    Opened in 1923, the Museum draws approximately 32,000 visitors each year from across the nation with its outstanding collections of European and American art, Native American baskets, British Georgian silver, and Japanese woodblock… Read more.

  • Stephen Bullock Artwork

    Stephen Bullock Artwork Brandon

    Self-taught artist. Jackson Public School art classes were the only art classes I have had. I enjoy the outdoors and wildlife, and most of my pieces reflect this. I love to “bring the outdoors inside” through my artwork.… Read more.

  • Charles Chapin - Almost Downtown Art Gallery

    Charles Chapin - Almost Downtown Art Gallery Greenwood

    I have been inspired all of my ife by something that was written by the painter Wang Wei (415-443) and quoted in Shio Sakanishi, “The Spirit of the Brush”. He said … “human eyes are limited in their scope,… Read more.