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  • Sandy L. Ford

    Sandy L. Ford Pascagoula

    My style of painting is a rather lengthy, complicated process involving both the “left brain” which is used for math logic( PHI 1:1.618) and then switching to the creative “right brain” which allows the colors and movement… Read more.

  • Lauren Rogers Museum of Art

    Lauren Rogers Museum of Art Laurel

    Opened in 1923, the Museum draws approximately 32,000 visitors each year from across the nation with its outstanding collections of European and American art, Native American baskets, British Georgian silver, and Japanese woodblock… Read more.

  • Jean R. Sparkes

    Jean R. Sparkes Ocean Springs

    A weaver since 1992, I learned much of my craft through self-study, but I have also taken workshops in various fiber techniques. A fellow of the Craftsmens’ Guild of MS, I am also a member of Dyed-in-the-Wool Weavers and… Read more.