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  • Tony Davenport

    Tony Davenport Vicksburg

    Tony Davenport hails from Vicksburg, Mississippi. Davenport earned his BFA in fine arts from Jackson State University in 2002 and received a Masters of Arts in Teaching degree from Memphis College of Art in 2019. Tony is a certified… Read more.

  • Leigh Fowler

    Leigh Fowler Brandon

    A true Southern girl, I call Georgia and Mississippi home since I split my childhood between the two. I moved back to Mississippi in 2012 and am so glad I did! Art has been a love of mine my entire life. I am a self taught artist… Read more.

  • Keri Davis

    Keri Davis Flowood

    Keri Davis brings her history of gallery curating with her on her personal making journey. As a child, being exposed daily to the family gallery full of southwest oil paintings and sculptures gave her an eye and appreciation for… Read more.

  • Pacesetter Gallery

    Pacesetter Gallery Flowood

    Pacesetter Gallery is located in the heart of Flowood at 310 Ridge Way. The gallery is owned by painter Keri Davis and her husband driftwood artist Jason Davis. Over 40 Mississippi artists are featured in the gallery with diverse… Read more.

  • Susan Schove Phillips

    Susan Schove Phillips Oxford

    “An authentic life is not defined by the big events we experience, but by small everyday moments. We are most true to ourselves in moments when we block out distractions to fully engage with our loved ones, in contemplative… Read more.

  • Peckish Gremlin

    Peckish Gremlin Florence

    I'm a freelance graphic, visual and marketing designer, and I also accept custom digital or physical commissions. Read more.

  • Claude Wilkinson

    Claude Wilkinson Nesbit

    Claude Wilkinson is a critic, essayist, painter, and poet. His criticism has explored such diverse artists and authors as photographers Maude Schuyler Clay and James Van Der Zee, fiction writers Chinua Achebe, John Cheever, and… Read more.

  • Hayden G. Hall

    Hayden G. Hall CLARKSDALE

    I am a professional oil painter from the Mississippi Delta- born, raised, left for big cities, and now home again. I primarily paint Southern landscapes and Sporting Dog portraiture by commission. In the space between commissions,… Read more.

  • Briana Waltman

    Briana Waltman Gulfport

    I began painting with the goal of being a professional artist when I met a traveling watercolor artist who planted the seed in my mind that being a self employed, traveling artist was a possible reality. I was 20 years old at… Read more.

  • Warren Rossi

    Warren Rossi Corinth

    Warren Rossi is a mixed media artist residing in Corinth,Ms. Warren had a very early love for the arts. He has used those from hand building pottery to now mixed media in acrylics and impasto technique with palette knives. His… Read more.