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  • Tallahatchie Wood Crafts SARDIS

    Handmade custom pens Read more.

  • Tallahatchie Wood Crafts Sardis

    Read more.

  • Phillip Wooley - Habana Blues Cigar Box Guitars

    Phillip Wooley - Habana Blues Cigar Box Guitars Jackson

    During the depression, men who had music in their souls but little else used whatever they could find to release that music. Sometimes, it was nothing more than a broom stick, a cigar box and a piece of wire. In this same tradition,… Read more.

  • Tallahatchie Wood Crafts

    Tallahatchie Wood Crafts Sardis

    Hello,I’am a carpenter by trade.Woodworking is my love.I have built on large scale,and getting older now, I try to work smaller.Lately I have taken up wood turning,making custom pens,Duck Calls,I love to use exotic woods.Deer… Read more.

  • Tom Joynt Photography

    Tom Joynt Photography Madison

    Photography has been Margaret’s and my career for 35 years. We have worked with advertising agencies and also clients directly. We have produced annual reports and company brochures relating to ad campaigns, food photography,… Read more.

  • Bozarts Gallery

    Bozarts Gallery Water Valley

    Welcome to Bozarts Gallery! Our art gallery is located on Water Valley’s historic Main Street in the center of Mississippi’s Hill Country and just a few minutes South of Oxford. The name “Bozarts” is a… Read more.

  • The Willcoxon Collection Hernando

    I take reclaimed wood and mix it with metal to create iconic art. Themes include rural southern, music, blues, coastal, western, Missisippi and many more. Custom work available. Read more.

  • The Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi

    The Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi Ridgeland

    The mission of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi, Inc., is to preserve, promote, market, educate and encourage excellence in regional crafts, believing that regular contact with the skilled work of the hand enhances both… Read more.

  • John S. Allen

    John S. Allen Aberdeen

    John currently resides in Aberdeen, MS where he creates and constructs a mixture of sculpture and furniture with some short adventures into photography. Much of his work is comprised of wood and/or metal and often seeks to explore… Read more.

  • Yoknapatawpha Arts Council

    Yoknapatawpha Arts Council Oxford

    Each year, YAC creates and delivers an exciting package of projects, programs and good works in the spirit of its mission to the community. This past year the two member staff, the board and volunteers presented 320 days of art… Read more.