Artist Profile: Brandon Moon

  • "Cloud Seeder", Oil on canvas, 71" x 56"

  • "Turkish Delight", Oil on canvas, 34" x 30"

  • "Colony", Oil on canvas, 29" x 67"

  • "Flute Lagoon", Oil on canvas, 51" x 39"

  • "I Think We Can Sneak Around Without Waking It Up", Oil on canvas, 66" x 43"

Brandon Moon

About Brandon Moon

I am originally from Jackson, Mississippi. I attended Hinds Community College, Delta State University, and the Savannah College of Art & Design and after spending time in the NYC area have recently returned home to Mississippi. I plan to continue creating kaleidoscopic landscapes of an abstracted nature. I endeavor through these pictures to conjure worlds that fluctuate between meditative, exhilarating, and sometimes slightly unsettling. In many ways the work is a reflection of the world I see. ​ I set out on a journey with every piece, exploring the canvas for an answer to a question I don’t know how to ask. I am searching for some kind of truth and driven to create what I feel is an interpretation of me. There is always an underlying sense of the organic and natural world and as I have grown the early portrayals of landscape have evolved into something darker in abstract form. Trees of worship reclaiming the land after mankind has ebbed, the remnants of structures engulfed by forest and vines.

These elements and forms are nonexistent when I begin. They grow as I make marks on the canvas, sometimes brazen and at other times delicately controlled. Shapes become, colors form, and through this mutual relationship with the canvas, we create a painting.

Contact Information:

Phone: 912-234-8212
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Website: Visit website


Cleveland, MS 38732

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