Artist Profile: Granger Studios

  • "Ruth" Stained glass mosaic

  • An artistic process...begins with imagination.

  • "Lotus", stained glass mosaic

  • "Tamar", mixed media

  • "Blue-like Jazz", mixed media

Granger Studios

About Granger Studios

If I have created two- or three-dimensional works of art and they communicate with my viewers, I am happy. Hopefully, my works can speak for themselves. Whatever messages the viewers receive from my works, those are the right messages for them. Because there are no wrong or right messages, as long as there is some form of communication being experienced. As long as my elements of art touch the mental, spiritual or tactile receptors of a viewer, my artistic self is satisfied.

My underlying goal is to project a provocative union between reality and imaginative expressions. I want to engage the viewer into a visual and spiritual conversation. I also include subliminal symbols and information that may stimulate an ongoing relationship between my works and the viewers.

Based on my belief that art is meant to be an intricate part of one’s daily life, I’ve immersed myself and my family into an environment saturated with artistic expressions. Through Art I have the means to relax, relate and release. Now, my hands can’t seem to stop talking. Enjoy the conversation!

Contact Information:

Phone: 6016677600
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Website: Visit website


Madison, Mississippi 39110

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