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  • Madonna of the Spring Garden

    Madonna of the Spring Garden""

Kat Fitzpatrick

About Kat Fitzpatrick

A fascination with ancient encaustic icon writing and actual beekeeping in post-Katrina Bay St. Louis has been a source of inspiration for Coast artist Kat Fitzpatrick. Using traditional icon imagery as a starting point, Fitzpatrick weaves images of the hive and her beloved bees into the story. Reverence for the role of the bees as pollinators as well as concern for their(our) future informs these pieces. The characteristic stillness, a cardinal element of the icon tradition is present in these works.

Encaustic(an 1800 year old technique of blending damar crystals and pigment with molten beeswax) is applied to birch panels(or heavy watercolor paper).Multiple layers may be built or carved. Fabric, paper or metallic foils can be inlaid. The wax is very stable after cooling. Damar crystals raise the melting point of the wax to acceptable levels for art making/preservation.

Contact Information:

Phone: 228-467-6899
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Website: Visit website


233 Boardman Avenue
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi 39520

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