Artist Profile: Mary Hardy

  • "A Quilt" / 52'X33"/ mixed media assemblage

  • "Looming" / 34"x60"/ mixed media on canvas

  • "Tightly Bound" / 24"x22"/ mixed media on paper

  • "Kept Separate" / 32"x28" / mixed media on paper

  • "Yellow Brick Road with Lily" / 36"x28" / mixed media on paper

Mary Hardy

About Mary Hardy

My work consists of an inventory of images that I constantly recycle. It has been noted that, “the recurrence or repetition of certain images suggests a healing practice, a mantra; incantatory and magical, a way of inciting new meaning”.
They are images that resonate with me for some obscure reason. I do not know why and I have learned not to question, just to trust the visceral need to use them. The connection though, seems to originate from bits of vague or fleeting memories. I am intrigued by the ambiguity of memory. The images therefore act as symbols, the language that I use to initiate a conversation between what is deep within and the canvas. My manipulation of atmosphere, color and marks are an attempt to reflect how memories seem to emerge from deep within and then rapidly fade. Areas are therefore layered, partially buried and lost while other areas are more distinct and sharp. I use mixed media (painting, drawing and collage materials) because it seems to lend itself to responding rapidly, TRYING to capturing those fleeting aspects, the elusive layers or veils of memory. I build up multiple layers of surfaces, some transparent to create an atmospheric depth while other areas have a textured, heavy and raw surface, all reflective of how memories can float up, rapidly recede and/or surface again, harsh, sharp and unexpected. The collaged elements and photos, having a previous history or story, incite other memories adding another layer of ambiguity and therefore leaving the work open to varying interpretations. It is my hope that the ambiguity allows the viewer to participate, to inject or originate a story or meaning of their own. Mary Hardy

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6804 Corto Rd
Ocean Springs, MS 39564

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