Artist Profile: Micheal Mabry

  • Blues Chair, 2014

    Blues Chair, 2014

  • Purple Grass Shack,, 2010

    Purple Grass Shack,, 2010

  • Robert Johnson and the Devil Making a Deal, 2013

    Robert Johnson and the Devil Making a Deal, 2013

  • Jake the Retriever, c. 2011

    Jake the Retriever, c. 2011

  • Wood Duck at Sunset, c. 2011

    Wood Duck at Sunset, c. 2011

Micheal Mabry

About Micheal Mabry

I am basically a self-taught artist. But I always knew what colors to use. I guess it just came to me naturally. I never attended an art institution, but took a few art classes in high school and college. The northern Delta of Mississippi has always been my inspiration because of its beauty – the lakes, flowers, landscapes and wildlife. Sometimes I just sit in my car to view the wonderful things to capture on canvas or paper for the world to see and enjoy. I capture as much as possible in my memory and can’t wait to transfer those images to canvas.
I am also inspired by seeing the eyes of people light up when they see my work. I’m not afraid to use bold colors because I feel bold colors bring out the happiness in the hearts of people and brighten their day.
Throughout all the phases of my life I have continued to pursue my art. As an artist, I put all the love and color in my paintings and creations. I love working with acrylic because it dries fast allowing me to make my colors are bolder and brighter. Lots of people say I am a romantic painter. But I consider myself just a painter. I create my work for the love of all people through my eyes as a black child who is now a black man.

Contact Information:

Phone: 228-313-9904
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Long Beach, MS 39560

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