Artist Profile: Phillip Wooley - Habana Blues Cigar Box Guitars

Phillip Wooley - Habana Blues Cigar Box Guitars

About Phillip Wooley - Habana Blues Cigar Box Guitars

During the depression, men who had music in their souls but little else used whatever they could find to release that music. Sometimes, it was nothing more than a broom stick, a cigar box and a piece of wire. In this same tradition, I “re-purpose” items such as empty cigar boxes and nuts and bolts from the local hardware store to make my guitars.

My guitars are three-string, fret-less and tuned to an open “G”. The forgiving nature of the open tuning makes them easy to tune and easier to play. Fret-less guitars are not fingered in the traditional manner. They must be played with a bottleneck slide which I also make. Habana Blues Cigar Box Guitars were recently displayed at the Mississippi Museum of Art along with the music inspired art of Tony Davenport.

Phillip Wooley was born in Winona, Ms in 1960 and has lived in Jackson his entire life. He has been an educator for the past 32 years, serving as a teacher, administrator and librarian. He is a National Board Certified Teacher in Early Adolescent Science, writer of short fiction, musician, song-writer and maker of cigar box guitars.

Contact Information:

Phone: 6016243994
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


707 Cedarhurst Rd.
Jackson, Mississippi 39206

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