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  • "Teacup Fishing", 58"H x 31"W, hand-embroidered wool on jute fabric.

    "Teacup Fishing", 58"H x 31"W, hand-embroidered wool on jute fabric.

About Ruth Miller

I am a visual artist who creates "paintings" and "drawings" using hand-stitched wool and/or sewing machine thread. My work comments on relationships (often those that need to be rethought), be they relationships of the psyche to itself or between individuals or societies. It's Realist art because I aim to be understood and believe bafflement of the public is not a measure of my intellectual depth. It's as beautiful as I can make it because beauty is powerful and it heals us constantly when we are in its presence..

My main art schooling was received at The Cooper Union School of Fine Art in New York City. It consisted of drawing, painting, photography, calligraphy, sculpture, architectural drafting and the psychology of perception. I loved it all. As a child, I learned to embroider by following simple printed, often floral, designs on tablecloths and similar items. From there, I moved onto brightly-colored geometric designs which I stitched on garments bought or sewn from scratch. It was only after seeing the woven tapestries of Papa Ibra Tall (Senegal) that I made the connection that yarn could be used to create painterly images. That realization permitted me to marry two seemingly disparate traditions in a single format.

Everyone knows of New York's reputation as a world-renowned center of the arts but I have been surprised by how much support artists receive in Mississippi. There are several thoughtful and technically-proficient artists of great quality here and I'm glad to be working here among them.

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Picayune, Mississippi 39466

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