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  • Beginning


  • Birth of Phoenix

    Birth of Phoenix

  • Walking in the French Quarter

    Walking in the French Quarter

  • Wedding Procession

    Wedding Procession

Sadako Lewis

About Sadako Lewis

Standing in front of a blank canvas--a moment of beginning—I have a feeling of excitement within. I am to discover the infinite possibilities. My painting continues to evolve during the process of making. The qualities of evolving are highly depended on the mind (conception, mood, aesthetics) and matter (medium, brush or hand, surface). I add and subtract in the process of layering as I seek for the depth and intensity in my work. I couple the paints with drawing materials where I have developed my own language with calligraphic mark-making. I consider my work to be philosophically and aesthetically aligned with the Abstract Expressionists. Abstract painting gives me the primal freedom to intuitively express my emotion or state of mind. It is a concrete way to share my inner sense, place and time with the viewer directly and deeply.

Contact Information:

Phone: 228-224-2762
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


513 Evergreen Drive
Long Beach, Mississippi 39560

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