Artist Profile: Sandy L. Ford

  • "BELOW" acrylic on canvas. 48"x60"

  • "UNDER THE CUBAN SKY". Acrylic on canvas. 48" x60"

  • "IN THE MOMENT" acrylic on canvas. 36"x60"

  • "AMARYLLIS & PERIWINKLES". acrylic an canvas. 30"x40"

  • "HORN ISLAND RENDEZVOUS ". acrylic on canvas 36" x 60"

Sandy L. Ford

About Sandy L. Ford

My style of painting is a rather lengthy, complicated process involving both the “left brain” which is used for math logic( PHI 1:1.618) and then switching to the creative “right brain” which allows the colors and movement to dance to their own song and tempo. Because the shapes themselves are of most importance, I am considered a “hard-edge” painter allowing the shapes to remain true to their mathematical ratios

Contact Information:

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Pascagoula, Mississippi 333339567

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