Artist Profile: Steve Shepard

  • Adrian Lawler Rises Above it All, 2013, 72

    Adrian Lawler Rises Above it All, 2013, 72" x 48," watercolor, prismacolor, ink on canvas

  • Floundering, 2013, 72

    Floundering, 2013, 72" x 24,," watercolor, prismacolor, ink on canvas

  • Saltwater Bayou, 72

    Saltwater Bayou, 72" x 48," watecolor, pirsmacoor, ink on canvas

  • The Mulleteer, 20

    The Mulleteer, 20" x 16," prismacolor and ink on cypress

  • String Band, 23

    String Band, 23" x 60," prismacolor and ink on cypress

Steve Shepard

About Steve Shepard

Born in Port Arthur, Texas, in 1955, I have spent most of my life on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I began fishing, beachcombing, sailing and operating a small motorboat when I was eight. And I have been exploring and studying the coast ever since.

My education includes a BFA from the University of South Alabama in Mobile, 1977, and a summer at the Santa Fe Workshops of Contemporary Art, 1976.

I speak a visionary language of deep ecology inspired by the natural history of the northern Gulf of Mexico and its disintegration at the hands of developers investing in sprawling overpopulation.

I employ several media in my drawings. Some are on paper which has been darkened by watercolor—usually alizarin crimson or pthalo green. Since Hurricane Katrina I have also been making black ink and prismacolor drawings directly on cypress boards cut from a tree that washed up in the hurricane. Since 2012 I am also darkening canvas with watercolor and drawing directly on this traditional surface after applying pastel ground.

Contact Information:

Phone: 228-872-0508
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Website: Visit website


P.O. Box 1295
Gautier, Mississippi 39553

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