Fellowship Recipients

  • 2015

    Micheal Mabry

    Micheal Mabry
    Long Beach

    I am basically a self-taught artist. But I always knew what colors to use. I guess it just came to me naturally. I never attended an art institution, but took a few art classes in high school and college. The northern Delta… Read more.

  • Adrienne Callander

    Adrienne Callander

    “A sweater might be something-not-a-sweater, a painting in fact a sculpture. My father’s favorite shirt changed the day he died. One of my guiding impulses is to mark a history, to excavate a thing buried within… Read more.

  • Heidi Pitre

    Heidi Pitre

    Some people work out their tangled relationships, hopes, doubts and fears in their dream life. I work mine out with paint.

    Like partial conversations overheard at a party, I do not reveal the entire story. I leave… Read more.

  • Sadako Lewis

    Sadako Lewis
    Long Beach

    Standing in front of a blank canvas--a moment of beginning—I have a feeling of excitement within. I am to discover the infinite possibilities. My painting continues to evolve during the process of making. The qualities of… Read more.

  • 2014

    Ruth Miller

    I am a visual artist who creates "paintings" and "drawings" using hand-stitched wool and/or sewing machine thread. My work comments on relationships (often those that need to be rethought), be they relationships… Read more.

  • Betty Press

    Betty Press

    I am working on a photo project called Mississippi: The Place I live. It includes scenes from exploratory road trips, shot with old or lo-fi cameras, which reveal a slightly surreal, hidden narrative of rural Mississippi’s… Read more.

  • Jerrod Partridge

    Jerrod Partridge

    Jerrod is a full time artist and drawing instructor living and working in the Fondren neighborhood of Jackson, Mississippi. He and his wife have three young children who often provide inspiration for paintings. Jerrod grew… Read more.

  • Anne E. O’Hara

    Anne E. O’Hara

    These works are the latest pieces in an ongoing series that I call “Hidden Treasures”. They are obviously nature based, but are not straightforward renditions of flowers, leaves, trees etc. They contain ambiguities manifest… Read more.

  • Bessie’s Pine Needle Designs

    Bessie’s Pine Needle Designs
    West Point

    Bessie D. Johnson is a distinguished basket weaver and artist who blends a rich cultural heritage and contemporary artistic vision to create her own unique art form using pine needles and other natural materials.

… Read more.

  • Chung-Fan Chang

    Chung-Fan Chang

    Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Chung-Fan Chang received her BFA from the Taipei National University of the Arts and an MFA from Savannah College of art and Design. Chang explores and investigates in painting, works on paper and… Read more.